About your therapy

I offer once-weekly sessions that last for 50 minutes. As research evidence is unequivocal that enduring change can only be achieved in an open atmosphere, your therapy will be open-ended. Whether in the shorter or the longer term, it will conclude whenever you feel ready.

feeling sad all the time? Psychotherapy WC1

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on upsetting feelings and experiences that have been with us for a long time. Although we express or suffer these in many different ways, we often find it difficult to put them into exact words. This is why we are looking for a therapist: to help us talk about what we have, in a way, always known but have never quite been able to say.

Psychodynamic therapy also focuses on the role relationships have played and continue to play in generating and sustaining these feelings. It can be helpful to understand where our feelings originate. When and how do they appear? Why do they not go away? Therapy assumes that the therapeutic relationship is essential in exploring these questions and helps to make the previously inexpressible possible.