About me

Choosing the right therapist is an important decision. It is not only that we are looking for a person with the appropriate qualifications, but also someone we can trust and feel safe with.

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I received a rigorous five-year training at WPF, one of the most respected institutions in the UK for psychodynamic psychotherapy. This training enabled me to work therapeutically with a wide range of issues and provide both problem-focused counselling and broader-ranging psychotherapy. As a therapist working privately I have developed an approach where I trust my clients to know best what their issues are, and provide a space where they are listened to and understood in a way they have not been before.

Alongside my work as therapist, I also hold a PhD in psychology. Working as a Lecturer in Psychology at the Open University, I am a member of the School of Psychology’s Psychotherapy and Counselling Research Group.

So, in working with you, I will draw on my therapeutic experience as well as an understanding of contemporary psychotherapy and counselling research.

I am registered with the following professional bodies and abide by their ethics standards:
  • British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC)
  • Foundation for Psychology and Counselling (FPC)
  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)